Investing in Collectible Coins – Which Coins Make the Best Investment?

Some coins appreciate in value more than others and other coins depreciate in value. Here are some tips for those who wish to collect coins as a future investment and how to find those coins that are most likely to grow in value in the coming years.

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First I should start by stating the benefits of investing in rare coins over other forms of collecting.

Rare coins can grow in value considerably over relatively short periods of time, by anything from 3 to 10 fold their original value. A sought after and rare coin that was valued at $1000 in the 1970s could be worth in the region of $10,000 today.

The supply of rare coins is diminishing daily which can mean any increase in demand results in increased prices. Unlike other markets like the stock market the supply of rare coins cannot be increased to meet new demand. This inevitably results in higher prices.

The liquidity of collectible coins is higher than other collectibles. Also pricing information is updated regularly so when the time comes to sell, you can expect immediate payment.

Coin collecting is affordable and there are coins to fit any budget. If you’re collecting diamonds or rare paintings these can fetch prices that are out of reach of most investors and prices tend to be higher. With coin investing you can collect coins worth anywhere between $100 and $10,000.

Unlike other forms of investing you do not have to pay taxes on your profits until you sell.

Now what Coins are likely to appreciate in value the fastest in the coming years?

Coins of a High Grade
It is true that quality matters when it comes to coin collecting. Coins of a high grade tend to appreciate in value the fastest with those graded at over MS63 or PR63 doing particularly well. This is because high grade un-circulated coins tend to be more expensive because they are of higher quality and expensive coins have always tended to increase the fastest.

Rare coins
Rare coins almost always appreciate in value particularly if they are of a high grade. Coins minted prior to 1934 are good buys. The US stopped minting coins as legal tender in 1934 and only a small percentage minted before 1934 are available on the coin market today. As time goes by more of these will be lost or damaged making the coins of a higher grade even rarer and more valuable over time particularly as demand increases.

Gold coins minted before 1933 are also particularly rare as the US government recalled gold from its citizens in 1933 during the great depression. These coins should rise dramatically in value whether or not gold bullion prices go up.

Good Coins to Invest In
When demand goes up as it inevitably does some coins are certain to increase in value. These are popular and well known and documented coins that are no longer minted. For example the $20 Saint-Gaudens, Walking Liberty half’s, Morgan silver dollars, and Buffalo nickels. While supply will continue to fall due to neglect, meltings etc demand will continue to rise for these rare and popular coins.

Coins Containing Precious Metals
Gold and silver coins have a proven track record going back 6,000 years and coins composed of precious metals possess intrinsic value. Precious metals such as gold and silver have been appreciating in value and provide a safe investment in troubled economic times. This is particularly true of silver which has many industrial and decorative uses and where the growing supply shortage of silver will only drive up prices further.

Ben 10 Toys – Which Will Be the Most Collectible?

It’s easy to forget that some Ben 10 toys will become collector’s items in years to come. These colourful action figures and play sets are seen chiefly as children’s toys right now, and rightly so- Ben 10 is a massive hit with children around the world and looks set to remain that way for some time to come. As with most cartoons that generate such a buzz, the loyal fans will carry their enthusiasm with them for years to come, and as the show continues to evolve, so do the demands of those fans.

The demand for Ben 10 toys does fluctuate depending on seasons and the general flux of popularity for animated heroes, but dedicated fans of Ben and his adventures will always want to get their hands on Ben 10 toys that they may have missed first time around.

The Ben 10 toys and games owned by your young Ben 10 fans are sure to be seeing a lot of action, but will they become collectible in years to come? Possibly. The Ben 10 toys that look set to be the most sought after in years to come will be figures of Ben himself along with Ben 10 toys such as Kevin’s car, the toy replica of which has already been a big hit with fans around the world.

Another favourite will always be the Omnitrix in its many versions, but possibly the most popular one will remain the Ultimate Omnitrix. This is to be expected, as the props of main characters are always a hit!

Just How Rare and Collectible Are the US Trade Dollar Coins?

Trade dollars were despised at home and loved in China. They were 4 grams heavier than either the Liberty Seated or Morgan silver dollars used for domestic trade. These silver dollars were very short lived, and only used from 1873 to 1878.

When silver prices crashed in 1876, the Trade Dollar flooded the American economy. They had an actual value of $.80 even though their face value was a dollar. They were worth their weight in silver bullion, not the dollar stated on the reverse. In July of 1876 Congress withdrew its legal tender status.

They offer the chance to buy truly rare American coins for reasonable prices.

Three significant factors contribute to the rarity of collector grade Trade Dollars.

1. Original mintage: Mintages were small compared to most US silver coins.

2. Relatively few of the coins actually remained in the United States. Huge quantities of them were melted for their silver value in China and India. It’s believed that half the 1878-CC mintage was melted.

3. Chop marks: Many Trade Dollars were counter stamped in the Orient with merchant acceptance as payment. Many others were abrasively cleaned. Both disqualify the coin from being graded.

Business strikes are dated from 1873 to 1878 and produced in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Carson City. The business strikes minted from 1873 to 1878 comprise 6 Carson City issues, 6 San Francisco issues, and just 5 Philadelphia Mint coins. This results in only 17 different date/mint mark combination.

Mintage of over a million coins is relatively rare for the Trade dollar. The highest mintage was the 1877-S with 9,519,000 struck, then 1876-S taking second place with 5,227,000 and the 1875-S taking third place with 4,487,000 examples. Fourth place is the 1878-S with 4,162,000 coins.

As you can see, only the above dates of 1875-S, 1876-S, 1877-S and 1878-S would qualify as “relatively common” and even these are still difficult to find in Mint State. All the other date/mint marks are scarce, rare, extremely rare or unknown in Mint State.

Trade dollars have somewhat more collector interest than Seated Liberty dollars, because they have at least some chance of completing a full date/mint mark series. None would be considered an unobtainable rarity. The most elusive coin of the group is the 1878-CC, which also happens to be the lowest mintage of the series.

If you ignore the 1884 and 1885 limited proof issues, there might be a chance of a complete series collection. There were only 5 total 1885 proofs struck. The 1885 trade dollar has all of the elements of intrigue and desirability of the more famous 1804 Draped Bust silver dollar.

Disregarding 1884 and 1885, proof versions of the business strike Trade Dollars were produced in very limited numbers for collectors. There wasn’t much collector interest, and little attempt was made by the mint to generate collector interest in them.

If a collector wished to retain an example, he would purchase a proof from the mint. Proof Trade Dollar coins were issued for collectors from 1873 to 1883. The high mint state versions are usually only available as proofs.

These coins never got hoarded the way Morgan and Peace dollars have. In other words, there isn’t much chance of future discoveries of someone’s secret stash.

Business strikes are often very rare in Mint State, but relatively obtainable in circulated grades, even AU. In higher mint state grades, business strike versions of the Trade Dollars are among the ultimate rare American coins.

The Collecting of Rare Collectibles

Rare collectibles are items that a collector collects that are hard to find, which can also be antique due to their desirability. Any item that is relatively old, has a particular quality of craftsmanship, and features that reflect the past are considered to be rare collectibles by many collectors today.

A common denominator of all items that are considered to be rare collectibles is that no matter what their age is or what type of object it has to be rare. Many rare collectible are so old in age that they are considered to also be antiques like ancient artifacts from Greece. However, it is very possible for rare collectibles to be recent in origin with being only a couple of years young. Due to the scarcity and appeal of rare collectibles, they are normally very valuable as well, but not matter what their value rare collectibles can be any important piece to any collection.

There is no known definite definition of rare collectible, so a collector may consider an object to be a rare collectible because there are only one or two known to be in existence. However, this is not always a sure and true definition because there are examples of rare collectibles where there are thousands of a particular item that has survived from the past, but due to its existence, its origin that has not been discovered yet, or because it is an extremely fragile item that can be damaged easily. These examples are items that would be considered scarce as well as rare collectibles.

With that being said, there are a variety of different types of rare collectibles that collectors have collected throughout the world such as coins, stamps, pottery, weapons, antique furniture, books, documents, and many more items. Paper documents that have survived from yesteryear until today are considered to rare collectibles simply because they could have easily been destroyed or discarded by some unknown source. Examples of such paper documents include fliers, programs, posters, post cards, advertisements, posters, and other various products that could have been disposed of after they were used. Other rare collectibles could include travel souvenirs, autographs, and certain collectible memorabilia.

There is not a certain place where rare collectibles have to come from or time period either. In fact, a rare collectible item can come from any culture or time period within the world. Some rare cultural collectibles would include temple objects from the Chinese Dynasty period, Samaria armor from the Japanese feudal period, or even a statue from ancient Greece. Rare collectibles for the United States could include pottery, blankets, and bead work from Native American Indians.

The majority of collectors search for rare collectibles to add value to their collections, but for some collectors it is the simple thrill of hunting for these items. There are a variety of sources where any collector can search and might be able to locate a rare collectible. Museums have exhibitions some times that will offer brochures that will give a history of the items within the exhibit, which might be rare collectibles or of a great interest to a collector.

What Are the Most/Least Valuable Collectible $20 Bills?

Are you a rare currency dealer, or are you thinking about becoming an active buyer/seller in this market? If so, the first and most important factor to be aware of is value. It takes a lot of time and research to become a master collector, and many people have failed in their efforts (despite their hopes of making a significant profit) precisely because they commit to transactions blindly. An untold number of currency notes have been printed over the course of our nation’s history, some of which are worth next to nothing these days and others that are the coveted cream of the crop that every collector is aware of. One bill that was printed in mass quantities and in several series is the $20 note. Whether you are just starting out in the rare currency industry or are an established buyer/seller, having some of these notes in your collection is always a good idea.

One word of advice; if you are ever fortunate enough to come across an 1863 $20 gold certificate never let it out of your sight. Due to their age and scarcity in the market, these notes are considered the rarest around and some have been reportedly sold at prices well over $100,000. This is 5,000 times the bill’s initial value when it was first printed! Although the majority of collectors will never have one of these in their possession, knowing how to spot one could mean the difference between striking it rich and going home empty-handed. As a means of offering some further insight into the matter and to give you a leg up over your competition, here is a brief list of some of most and least valuable $20 notes (that crumpled up $20 bill in your wallet may will probably suffice).

For Better or for Worse: $20 Bills to Know About

The 1863 $20 gold certificate; the best of the best in terms of value and scarcity, these notes were printed during the Civil War and very few exist today. Many early history bills featured various designs and patterns, but these are exceptionally unique.
1905 $20 gold certificate; also referred to as the Technicolor note due to its bright-colored face, this bill was only issued for one year. As such, it is a rare piece and ranges in value from $2,000 and upward depending on condition.
1914 $20 blue seal federal reserve notes and 1922 $20 gold certificates; given the mass quantities in which these notes were printed, they continue to be very common and are subsequently worth much less than their rarer counterparts.

Remember, the value of old money varies considerably from note to note, so be sure to speak with a professional currency dealer if you are not sure about the value of a specific piece.

Betty Boop Figurines – How to Find and Value Them

Betty Boop Figurines – Beautiful Art and Valuable Investment

Collectibles have long been a popular pursuit for fans of television shows, cartoons, movies and comic strips. Collecting memorabilia from these forms of entertainment makes for a fun, exciting and frequently profitable pastime for many fans.

Even once the obsession or fascination with a particular show or character passes, a collection can often be sold off to fund the latest intrigue or to provide some extra and much needed cash. In this article we’ll explore this phenomenon with a stocking clad sex symbol who has been with us since he 1930’s.

Background Of The Sultry Songstress

Ever since she first appeared on movie screens on August 9, 1930, the diminutive Betty stole the hearts of fans worldwide. Created by animator Myron “Grim” Natwick, her popularity has endured now for over 80 years, and it is clear that she has become and will remain an enduring icon and sex symbol for a long time to come.

Combining the best qualities of two 1920’s icons – screen siren Clara Bow and sultry singer Helen Kane – Betty won fans through her rare combination of outrageous sex appeal and a sincerely huge heart.

Her popularity crossed over from the big screen to the homes and hearths of collectors everywhere as fans clamored for a chance to take Betty home with them in the form of a wide range of Betty Boop merchandise.

One of the most collectible categories of these products is Betty Boop Figurines.

Why Are Betty Boop Figurines So Popular?

While many forms of Betty Boop Memorabilia have proved worthy of collecting, including plates, mouse pads, signs, music boxes and cookie jars, one of the most enduring incarnations is the Betty Boop Figurine.

Our guess is that figurines have gained so much in popularity and collectability because they present Betty in all of her three dimensional glory.

Rare Figurines date back to the 1930’s when Betty was at the height of her popularity. Committed collectors search far and wide for these rarities which can be very hard to find.

While these almost century old figurines can bring a dear price for those who find and deal in them, Betty Boop statues can be enjoyed by collectors of much more modest means, making Betty within reach of any collector’s budget.

This affordability combined with Betty’s natural appeal have made her one of the most popular collectibles with a rabid and avid fan base.

Where Can You Find Betty Boop Figurines?

It’s not hard to find these figurines. They abound online, at Amazon, eBay and myriad specialty shops. You can also usually find these collectibles in vintage and curio shops.

They are generally affordably priced commonly ranging from $15 on the low end to $40 or more on the high end.

There are also a few “special edition” collectibles available such as the “Calendar Girl” series. Special editions are typically all are hand brush painted, with certificates of authenticity.

One statement of caution for beginners, there are many inferior Betty Boop figurines out there. As always, be careful, check certificates of authenticity, receipts (if available) and gather any information you can from collectors’ forums.

Determining the Value Of Your Betty Boop Figurines – How Much Are They Worth?

While value is in the eye of the purchaser and ultimately any collectible is worth whatever a willing buyer will pay a willing seller in an arms-length transaction, emotion inevitably comes into play whenever passionate collectors are involved.

To get a thumbnail idea of what your figures are worth, the easiest and quickest way is to just login to your eBay account and do a “completed items” search for Betty Boop figurines.

This will show you what real people have paid in real life transactions buying and selling these collectibles. Be sure to check the listings though because authentic vintage Betty statuettes will go for significantly more if you sell them through a collector’s channel as opposed to an eBay auction.

So, use the eBay search results as a guide, but not as a bible for values. Remember, all you have to do is find someone who is looking for the figurine that you have and you’ll get a much better price.

An ’80s Revival

Betty enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in the 1980s, becoming ubiquitous on bags, belts, t-shirts, belts, towels, key chains, blankets and especially in art prints.

This resurgence was most likely a result of Betty’s appearance in three movies that decade, including the wildly successful “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” (1988), as well as “The Romance of Betty Boop” (1984), and “The Betty Boop Movie Mystery” (1989).

Light-Hearted Collectibles To Brighten Your Days

If you enjoy Betty Boop, and how could you not, then take a look at her figurines and other memorabilia and capture some of the innocent naughtiness and nostalgia she represents.

Are Giclee Prints Collectible?

Giclee is the name used to identify a fine art digital print just like serigraph is the name for a fine art silkscreen print. One of, if not the greatest artists of the 20th Century, Pablo Picasso never produced a giclee print although he produced a lot of serigraph prints. His serigraph prints are available from just under $100 up to $7000 plus, the difference being the top dollar prints have been hand signed by the master.

Throughout his career Picasso made art in a variety of disciplines. He was a painter, sculptor, ceramicist and a prolific print maker producing not only serigraphs but etchings, lithographs, heliogravures (photographic engravings) and linogravures (linocuts). Had he had access to the technology it is a safe bet Picasso would have produced giclees and those that carry a signature made by his hand would be fetching the big bucks today.

As the 21st century unfolds, more and more artists are embracing digital technology in the production of their art. Painters now create digital files of their work as record and to produce giclee prints. A growing number of artists are using computers to create their art. If you want to hang one of these digital artist’s work on your wall, it will no doubt be a print and if you want it to last more than a few years, it will be a giclee.

Historically prints have been printed in open and closed editions. Open editions were and often still are printed in the 1000s on cheap paper whilst closed editions, more commonly known as limited editions, are printed on high quality art papers using methods that could only produce a finite number of prints. The limited number was due to either the printing plate be it a lithographic stone, a sheet of carved lino or an etched copper plate degrading to the extent that no more decent prints could be produced or the artist’s pocket running out of depth.

With the improvements in digital printing and the associated introduction of print on demand, the fine art printing industry has been turned on its head. The distinction between and open and closed editions has become decided blurred if not non-existent. An infinite number of prints on high quality papers and canvasses with a life expectancy that rivals if not surpass traditional printing methods can be produced one at a time, as and when required.

As with the Picasso serigraphs, the giclee prints produced today that will be more than wall décor are those with the piece of graffiti in the lower right corner placed there by the fair hand of the artist.

Antiques, Collectibles, & Memorabilia – Do You Know the Difference?

The world of antiques can be confusing. What’s the difference between an antique and collectible? Aren’t collectibles and memorabilia really the same thing? In this month’s column, I’ll de-mystify these terms, so that you’ll be appropriately armed for your next antique adventure.


Basically, an antique is something old that has value because of aesthetic or historical reasons. Generally, if a piece is over 100 years old, it is considered an antique. Although, I do know that some people use the 50-year mark for Canadian pieces; the rationale being that Canada is a young country relative to places such as Europe and Asia. However, I’m old fashioned and apply the 100-year definition to Canadian pieces.


A collectible is something that is less than 100 years old that has value because of aesthetic or historical reasons. This term fills the gap for valuables that aren’t quite old enough to be an antique.

One category of collectible is items with intrinsic artistic merit. A stunning Art Deco table fits into this category. It was beautiful when it was made in the 1930s, is beautiful today and will still be beautiful when it hits the 100-year old mark.

A second category is mass-produced collectibles. Beanie Babies, trading cards and Hummel figurines fit into this category. They don’t necessarily have a lot of artistic merit. But manufacturers have created desirability by producing limited editions.

Another category is items associated with particular people. For example, anything worn by the Beatles or Elvis Presley is collectible.


There is a difference between collectibles and memorabilia. Collectibles are things that are ornamental. They never served an utilitarian purpose. A piece of memorabilia served a particular purpose. Movie posters, sports programs, cameras, television sets and musical instruments are all examples of items that fall into this category. Movie posters were used to sell movies. Sports programs were used to communicate information. And, cameras, television sets and musical instruments all serve a function.

Martin Swinton does antique appraisals and estate sales in Toronto, Canada. He has worked at an auction house, furniture restoration company and for ten years owned an antique shop. He does caning, cording and rushing repairs, teaches courses on antiques and appears at community

Top 7 Collectible Limoges Box Styles Review Shoppers Want

Collecting objects of beauty has been a favorite pastime throughout time. For the past few centuries, French porcelain Limoges boxes have been among the most desirable objects to behold and collect. Beginning In early 1700s, these miniature art pieces were coveted and collected by the royalty alone as this was the only segment of society that could afford such extravagant possessions. Today Limoges boxes are loved, admired and collected worldwide by anyone who enjoys art in miniature form. No wonder why they are among the top gifts and collectibles in the United States today.

Buying Limoges boxes online can be easy and difficult at the same time. With variant levels of quality and artistry as well as an extensive variety of styles and subject matters to choose from, it could be difficult for shoppers to find and compare the best and the most desirable French Limoges boxes as well as choosing the right source to make their purchase online.

The following serves as a guide to purchasing the most desirable luxury Limoges boxes by identifying the most popular styles as well as important factors to consider when purchasing these coveted collectibles online.

1. Holiday Limoges Boxes

Christmas, the busiest shopping season of the year is when gift-giving is on the minds of all shoppers. Giving worthy and meaningful gifts to friends and loved ones is a perfect way to show one’s love and appreciation. Holiday-themed Limoges boxes are among the top popular gifts for enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys the finer things in life.

Santa Clauses, Christmas Trees, Nativity, Snowman, Candy Canes, Wreaths and all things Christmas rank among the top favorite gifts at Christmastime and are purchased year-round.

Other holidays throughout the year are also highly ranked for Limoges box collectors and gift-shoppers. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to treat that special someone with an exquisite heart-shaped Limoges, an adorable cherub or a box of chocolates from Paris porcelain box.

Easter and the celebration of a new season is another favorite with shoppers. Easter bunnies, colored eggs and egg cartons as well as all things spring-related are highly rated.

Halloween is another holiday which is greatly popular with Limoges shoppers. These adorable creations come in the form of witches, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and black cats, among many other styles created in the Halloween theme are a true favorite with collectors and shoppers alike.

These time-honored collectibles are not only collected for their charm and beauty but also serve as spectacular home décor items to bring freshness with each change of seasons.

2. Birthday, Graduation & Special Events Styles

Birthdays of good friends and relatives are the perfect occasion to give memorable and worthy gifts. Birthday Limoges boxes come is various shapes such as cakes, gift packages, cards and books, among others, and are high on the charts of favorites with shoppers.

Celebrating a special graduation, mother’s day and father’s day are also perfect occasions for gift giving and Limoges boxes are among the top appreciated gifts for these occasions and other with lasting effect.

3. Travel-Related Limoges Boxes

Those who love to travel also greatly enjoy collecting memorabilia of places they have traveled to. A vacation in Tuscany, a visit to Paris or Rome or any other country or continent can be memorialized with an artistic and impressive Limoges box art piece. Travel-themed boxes are among the top sellers, whether they represent a specific place or the idea of travel. Shapes such as cameras, luggage, cruise ships or beach-related boxes are among the most purchased and collected French Limoges.

4. Food, Cuisine and Wine Limoges Styles

For those who enjoy cooking or appreciate fine cuisine, culinary-themed Limoges are the perfect collectibles and just the right gift. Food creations are produced in a large variety of styles such as pizza, pasta in cookware, seafood platters, cheese assortments, cakes and desserts as well as fruits and vegetables. Barbeque grills and cookbooks are also among the top favorite purchased food-related Limoges boxes.

France is world-famous for its wine variety, especially those made in the Bordeaux region. It is no wonder that a great variety of Limoges creations are dedicated to this theme. Shoppers can find a large selection of these fine collectibles in the shape of wine crates, vineyards, wine bottles, wine barrels, picnic baskets with wine bottles inside, among others. Not only very popular with collectors, a wine-related Limoges or a wine bottle in a gift package Limoges box make a perfect hostess gift for any occasion.

5. Art & Music Style

Art and music are popular themes in almost everyone’s life and it is only fitting that many Limoges styles are produced in these themes. The works of many of the world’s famous artists are recreated in miniature form and magnificently hand-painted to resemble the original to make fantastic and worthy objects to add to one’s collection or to give as an impressive gift. Equally, music-related and musical instruments Limoges boxes enjoy great popularity among collectors. Pianos, guitars, violins and many other musical instruments as well as music books and other music-related styles provide for beautiful additions to any collection.

6. Pet Style

Pet lovers can find Limoges boxes galore that resemble or represent their favorite pets. The vast selection of dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds and animals of all kinds represented in porcelain Limoges make for wonderful collector’s pieces and gifts. These tiny treasures are a great favorite for gift shoppers and collectors alike who love animals.

7. Retired & Rare Style

As some Limoges artisans have retired or workshops closed after numerous years of production, creations produced by such artists, workshops or under specific marks are deemed retired. Many of such works of art have become quite hard-to-find. These styles are of great interest and in demand by collectors who value and collect unique and out-of-the-ordinary collectible objects of beauty.

As Limoges boxes cannot be easily found for sale in brick and mortar stores, the best place to find and purchase them is on the internet. For most shoppers, especially those wanting to purchase an outstanding gift, the most common question may be “what is the best place I can buy a Limoges box online?” When making a purchase online, one must consider several criteria in finding the right source. Here are the most important criteria:

• Limoges boxes offered are of high quality

• The website is reputable and offers a large selection in stock

• Limoges boxes sold are new, in presentation box with certificate of authenticity

• Prices offered are reasonable and competitive

• The site offers fast shipping and has a clear return policy

• The website offers a personalization service

• The website has excellent customer service

Buying a Limoges box from a reliable website with the above qualities will give shoppers an excellent buying experience, where they would be happy to come back time after time for their future purchases.

Star Wars Collecting: Taking a First Step Into a Larger World [Guide 2]

Get Focused!

Let’s face it, there is a ton of Star Wars-related merchandise on the market and toys are really just the tip of the iceberg, though it’s normally everyone’s initial go-to choice. There’s a nice collection of houseware merchandise with everything you need to deck out your kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. Then you have a plethora of books spanning a wealth of both fiction (the Legends series and upcoming new titles) and non-fiction books. We can’t forget the amount of video games, board games, music, and other media that have been released over the last few decades. In short, there are plenty of avenues in which one can start a collection.

When first starting out, many collectors like to buy up anything and everything with Star Wars on the label. Heck, I still do it occasionally and I’ve been collecting for a couple decades! It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but doing so comes with its own set of problems.

Financially speaking, if you pick up everything you see related to Star Wars, your bank account won’t be long for this world. Instead, let’s figure out exactly what piques your interest most when it comes to Star Wars. This way you can control the amount of money you’re spending and find an easier access point into collecting.

Personally, I’m a “character” collector.  I enjoy finding items related to a specific character and gathering as many of them as possible in order to generate a theme. For the most part, I’m a major Darth Maul collector and will purchase anything with him on it. Over the years, however, as we get further and further away from his relevance in the saga, his collectibles have become harder to come by, though his appearance in The Clone Wars gave it a resurgence. As such, it became necessary to branch out. Since I’d been collecting Darth Maul for so long, my overall collection (featuring far more than just that character) had a villainous theme to it. Running with this idea, I expanded my focus outward to some of the series’ other villains.

On the non-toy side of collecting, I have a deep love for the Expanded Universe (or Legends series now) and have been devout in gathering up all the novels for consumption and gorging myself on new stories. This mass amount of books began its own little collection, and from there I moved into the non-fiction books to flesh out the rest of my bookcases. My enjoyment of those stories also led to me searching out for any and all Expanded Universe related toys.

As you can see, it’s easy to fill up your collection with a wide range of items, allowing for a well-rounded approach to your collection without feeling like you’re missing out on something. It was only possible for me because I was able to focus my efforts on one area at a time. By doing so, I figured out what I was most passionate about, which led to other areas of collecting I would have otherwise passed over.

If you’re an avid reader, perhaps starting your collecting off with the various book titles would be best. If you’re a gamer, there are games dating all the way back to the Atari you could start from. Regardless of the path you take, it’s crucial to be more discerning in the initial stages of your collection. A specific focus gives you goals, items to be on “the hunt” for, and a reason to keep searching for new things, while still giving you the freedom to explore other areas of collecting. Not to mention it’s a lot easier on your pocketbook!